NEW Biodegradable ECO-Squares™

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Finally, the first-ever truly sustainable adhesive dot.

There’s never been a truly sustainable adhesive dot—until now! In addition to the standard Adhesive Squares™ you’ve tried and come to love, we introduce biodegradable ECO-Squares™ brand adhesive dots. ECO-Squares™ are pre-engineered adhesive patches sourced from biodegradable materials. As the first innovation in years to hit the pre-formed market, ECO-Squares™ are completely sustainable, delivering powerful adhesion while helping to protect the environment.

35% biodegradation in only 34 days!

With the additional choice of ECO-Squares™, environmental responsibility and adhesive and product performance are no longer mutually exclusive. During the initial 34-day testing period, 35% biodegradation of ECO-Squares™ is shown to occur in an anaerobic environment. Whether you are seeking the peace of mind that comes from reduced adhesive failures or wish to make your business operations truly green, ECO- Squares™ offer the competitive advantage in a world that values performance and sustainability.

Why use ECO-Squares™?

ECO-Squares™ offer you a biodegradable adhesive that reduces waste, but doesn’t compromise on performance. In fact, ECO-Squares™ provide instant adhesion and aggressive tack that increases production and reduces adhesive failures, respectively. The ability to also customize these pressure-sensitive adhesives makes them a perfect fit for your exact product specifications. Not only do you get an environmentally responsible adhesive, but one that delivers excellent performance for almost any application.

The biodegradation of ECO-Squares™ is supported by data derived from 34 days of bio-methane potential testing. Testing shows that ECO-Squares™ biodegrade at a significantly higher rate in comparison to everyday products you use, such a medicine bottle cap or a toothbrush. During the 34-day testing, ECO-Squares™ biodegraded at a rate more than three times than that of these everyday products.